Rome Free Academy

Stadium Support Facility 500 Turin St

Rome, NY, 13440

(315) 338-6571

Athletics Director: Michael Stamboly
Assistant: Mary Munney Griffiths

Mission Statement:  We are a diverse and innovative educational community that believes through both words and actions that all students can learn and be successful. We provide continuous academic and social growth from Pre-K to graduation to ensure that students are life-long learners, productive citizens, and members of the global economy.

All students interested in participating in the Rome City School District Sports program are required to be registered on Family ID by their parent/guardian. ( Please register prior to attending physical offered by Rome City School District.

Physicals are required yearly either by private physician or during physicals provided by RCSD. 

All students are required to have their eyes and ears screened yearly.

Spring Sports Begin

- JV & Varsity - March 13, 2023

- Modified Sports - March 20, 2023


  • Baseball - Varsity / JV / Modified 8/9 / Modified 7/8
  • Lacrosse - Boys - Varsity / JV / Modified
  • Lacrosse - Girls - Varsity / JV / Modified
  • Softball - Varsity / JV / Modified
  • Tennis - Boys - Varsity
  • Track - Boys - Varsity / Modified
  • Track - Girls - Varsity / Modified
  • Golf - Boys - Varsity
  • Golf - Girls - Varsity

Please do not sign up for a sport outside of your grade level, unless you have been recommended by a Coach to participate in the Athletic Placement Process (APP)

Registrations entered outside of your grade level without a Coach Recommendation received by the Athletic Department, will be canceled.

7th & 8th Grade Students - Modified

9th through 12th Grade Students - Junior Varsity or Varsity

For sports offered at the Varsity Level Only - (Girls Golf, Boys Golf and Boys Tennis) Strough Middle School athletes must go through the Athletic Placement Process (APP). Please contact the Athletic Office for more information.  All are welcome to tryout for Girls Golf, Boys Golf and Boys Tennis.

Family ID Registration Opens:

Varsity, JV and Modified - January 27, 2023

Spring Sports Begin:

- JV & Varsity - March 13, 2023

- Modified Sports - March 20, 2023

Physical Dates & Location:

Please register on Family ID prior to attending physicals offered by Rome City School District.


02/17/23 - 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

03/10/23 - 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM


03/03/23 - 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

03/15/23 - 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM


Please visit RFA Athletics on the website where parents can find the link to register students on Family ID and also view Game Scheduling on Aktivate.

Please note - Games are subject to change so please visit Aktivate often.

  • Please register your athlete by the same name that they are registered on School Tools.
  • Note: Please use proper grammar when entering this information. (Example: Do not enter all information in CAPITAL LETTERS.)
  • To contact Family ID, please go to :  or call 800-311-4060 if you are having registration difficulties.
  • The Athletic Department CAN NOT create Family ID accounts for Athletes.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the RCSD Athletic Department at 315-338-6571.

Have a Great Day!

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