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ScheduleGalaxy™ Software helps schools save time and reduce expenses by facilitating game scheduling for Athletics Directors and coaches and providing up-to-date game information and directions for team members and parents. Our affordable web-based software features easy setup, an intuitive interface, and complete integration with facility use request and student management software. Call us today at 315.217.1365.

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Jump to our school landing page, where you can quickly select the school you're interested in. From there, you can find team schedules and further school information.

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Jump to our team landing page, where you can quickly select a specific team (by school and sport). We'll take you straight to that team's latest schedule. Only a few clicks, and you're there.

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Learn more about ScheduleGalaxy, and how it can empower your school's scheduling. It’s a one-stop shop for the most advanced high school scheduling.

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