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ScheduleGalaxy Privacy Policy
(Last updated 8/4/16)

ScheduleGalaxy is a web-based school or school/district platform for sports scheduling, coach certification tracking, and student injury tracking. ScheduleGalaxy takes the security of our subscribers’ data seriously, and implements a number of safeguards to protect this data.

How We Use Confidential Data

ScheduleGalaxy does not sell or release student data or staff certification data for any commercial purpose.

Any data used for ScheduleGalaxy training, sales, or marketing purposes is scrambled to ensure confidentiality of all personally identifiable data. Any other use of student data is limited to in-house use for the purpose of improving our website, feature delivery, or support of current subscribers.

How We Limit Who Has Access

Access to confidential data is limited to authorized staff only; individuals involved in implementation, delivery (development, testing, documentation), and support. Training and marketing staff use scrambled copies of subscriber data to ensure privacy.

At their discretion subscribers may choose to input manually or download from their system-wide student information system student, parent, or guardian information that is important to ensuring that students are eligible for participation on specific teams, for tracking their injuries, for emergency contact with a parent or guardian, or for creating team rosters. In addition, at their discretion, schools may choose to utilize certification information regarding coaches for the purpose of tracking their certification. As stated above, access to these data is limited to authorized staff only.

How We Store and Protect Data

All confidential data is stored on servers that are secured by a firewall and domain authentication, which includes network-based account security.


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