Registration on ScheduleGalaxy is now opened!

Any person can now become a user of ScheduleGalaxy.

ScheduleGalaxy now recognizes accounts for Athletic Directors (or other school manager) and public.

In order to register follow the link “Register” in the top navigation bar:

Registration in ScheduleGalaxy

You will see the following registration page:

Registration in ScheduleGalaxy

When you successfully register, you can subscribe to schedules, you are interested in, using button “Subscribe to schedule” on the team schedule page:

Subscribing to schedules in ScheduleGalaxy

If you want to unsubscribe from a schedule, you can click “Unsubscribe”:

Unsubscribing from scheduled ScheduleGalaxy

The whole list of schedules, you are subscribed to, you can see in the left menu:

User schedules in ScheduleGalaxy