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Features and Benefits

ScheduleGalaxy TM

ScheduleGalaxy TM is a web-based scheduling system for student athletes in grades 7-12. Its origin is in New York State and is a service of BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) and as such, it is eligible for offsetting state aid. If your school district doesn’t reside in New York State, contact us for more information to find out how ScheduleGalaxy can work for you.

ScheduleGalaxy TM has many features to assist athletics directors in the performance of their duties beyond the scheduling of athletic contests.

Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits

Certifications tracking support

Certification for coaches can be tracked and monitored through ScheduleGalaxy TM in a color-coded grid which shows where every coach stands in terms of keeping current his/her ongoing certifications. When a coach’s certification is within 6 months of expiration, ScheduleGalaxy TM will send the athletics director and the respective coach an email informing them of his/her status. It will also send another email at 3 months and at 45 days prior to expiration.

Injuries tracking support

Student athlete injuries can be tracked and queried through ScheduleGalaxy TM ,thereby providing a constant up-to-date status to ensure students are cleared and safe to practice and compete.

Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits

School athletics administrators value these additional ScheduleGalaxy TM features and benefits:

  • Is free from commercial advertisement
  • Schedules team practices and events
  • Provides comprehensive reports for games, coaching certification and injury tracking
  • Tracks student athlete team participation and awards history
  • Provides mobile access
  • Integrates with FamilyID to populate team rosters
  • Integrates with MasterLibrary to enhance district-wide scheduling of facilities
  • Schedules games for entire league through master scheduling feature
  • Contains League and Division standings feature

Parents and community members value the up-to-date communication in relation to team schedules that ScheduleGalaxy TM provides them through the following:

  • The desired schedule in one click of a button because it is free of commercial advertisement
  • Pinpoint directions to all game sites through Google maps
  • Sign up for email alerts for game changes and additions
  • Mobile access
  • Ability to download team schedules to their phones.

Features and Benefits

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